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Hello viewers, in this article I am going to share with you all the information about eMitra Portal Rajasthan. But before we begin you should know that what is eMitra Portal Rajasthan?

What Is eMitra Portal Rajasthan 2021?

eMitra Rajasthan Portal has launched by the state government of India to provide many services, it means peoples could do many works from home throw eMitra Portal Rajasthan.

You could pay the bill for gas, water, mobile, exam fees even you could make birth and death certificate, caste certificate, residence certificate throw the eMitra Portal Rajasthan. So let’s get the full information of eMitra Portal Rajasthan.

Rajasthan government has launched the eMitra Portal Rajasthan in 33 districts of Rajasthan. The public of Rajasthan also could open their eMitra, and they could provide all the government services to the peoples of Rajasthan very easily. You could do many works from your phone, pc, and other devices throw the internet at your home.


eMitra Portal Rajasthan
eMitra Portal Rajasthan

If you from Rajasthan and you want to take the benefits of eMitra Portal Rajasthan then simply you should go to the portal to apply for it online while the registration will be done you will get eMitra login id and password by your registered email address. And if you are an educated person but you don’t have any job then you could open your own portal center to earn money.

 What Is The Aim Of eMitra Rajasthan 2021?

a) To provide all the government services from one center or app.

b) You could finish all the government works from your home only throw the internet, that is a reason why the government launched this.

c) To provide efficient, transparent, convenient, and friendly services to the peoples of the Rajasthan government has launched this great thing.

d) People could takr\e the benefits of different government services throw the phone or pc from home.

e) Another reason why the government has launched this to lower the problem of jobless people. An educated person who has no job, he could open an eMitra center to provide services and earn money.

f) Now the people of Rajasthan should not go to different places for different government works.

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What are the Facilities of eMitra Rajasthan?

There are a lot of facilities eMitra are providing, almost every government services are providing throw the eMitra you will shock to know that in 55000 eMitra centers are providing more than 450 services, it is very cool right.

But it’s not enough more than 30000 eMitra centers are connected to the BC and more than 15000 centers are providing banking facilities.

It’s not enough there are many facilities providing by the government like aadhaar card, PAN card, income certificate, caste certificate, residence certificate, bill of water, bill of gas, bill of electricity, banking services, utility bill payment services, mobile recharge and more.

What are the Features of eMitra Portal Rajasthan?

a) There is no time table of eMitra Portal Rajasthan, you will feel like a shop and you as a customer. Any eMitra Portal center will provide you 365 days of services and you could go to the center any day you want.

b) To take the benefits of it you must be a citizen of Rajasthan.

c) Another feature is the center will provide all the services from an established place, which means should not go to different places for different government works.

d) The government of Rajasthan has started this facility only for the peoples of Rajasthan so if you belong from another state then you could not take the facilities of it.

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How Much You Could Earn from EMitra Portal Rajasthan?

The government of Rajasthan has fixed fees for all the services of e Mitra Portal Rajasthan which will be taken from normal peoples. And from these fees, the owner of eMitra Portal will earn money. There is no difficulty in fees for the customers because the government has fixed all the fesses for the services.

So if you are an educated person and you sitting at home without any work then e Mitra Portal Rajasthan center could be a big opportunity for you.

If you are thinking about how much money you will earn from the center then I want to tell you that there is no limit of earning, all depend on how much peoples are visiting your center. But if you do it well then you could earn approximately 20000 to 35000 every month. It’s just calculation maybe you will earn more than 40000.

Important Accessories to Open An eMitra Portal Center?

If you are going to open an eMitra center then you must need to have some things. The list of the things are giving below:-

a) Computer

b) Printer Machine

c) Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

d) A Table

e) An Internet Connection (broadband)

f) A Binding Machine

g) A Lamination Machine

These are the things you must need to open an e Mitra center. Now after the arrangement of these, you need some qualifications to open the center. I know now you are thinking about what are the qualifications then don’t worry I am going to explain all the qualifications below:-

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What Kind of Eligibilities Need to Open an eMitra Portal Center?

a) At first, you must be a citizen of Rajasthan, if you are belonging from another state but you are to open a center then you will be rejected. The owner of the center must be a citizen of Rajasthan.

b) If you are going to register your name at e Mitra Portal but you are not 18 years old then you will not eligible to register. The person must be at least 18 years old who is going to register his name at e Mitra Portal.

c) If you have a fixed place for e Mitra Portal center then you will be eligible for it otherwise will be rejected. If you have a fixed place then you could open your own e Mitra Portal Center.

d) If you want to open a portal center then you must have the certificate of 10th pass. If you have qualifications more than 10th pass then you also could open an e Mitra Portal Center.

e) To open an e Mitra Portal Center you must know the typing of Hindi and English both. If you can’t type Hindi or English then you will not eligible for it.

What are the Important Documents to Open an e Mitra Portal Center?

a) Mark sheet of HSLC

b) Adhar Card

c) PAN Card

d) Bamashah Card

e) Character Certificate

f) 2 Stamp Paper of 100

g) Bank Passbook

h) Passport Size Photo

i) Mobile Number

How to Register and Login Online in e Mitra Portal? (How to Do SSO ID Registration?)

eMitra Portal Rajasthan
e Mitra Portal Rajasthan

Now the big question is if you want to register and login to eMitra Portal then what is the main process to do it? how you could do it very easily throw online? Don’t will explain to you step by step what to do, if you follow these instructions properly then you could do it very easily.  So without wasting your valuable time let’s see how to do it?

At first, you have to go to the online site of e Mitra, once you go to the official site you will see a login option. Then you have to click on that login option, after the click, you will reach in the official site of SSO Rajasthan and then you have to click on the registration option.

Now you could do login throw Bamashah Card, Adhar Card, Gamil ID, Facebook, Twitter. When you will make SSO ID you have to make a user name and password by yourself, it will to login in portal.

You will be asked to fill all the information like address mobile number and more like this, you will log in to e Mitra Portal. If you want to do login then you have to go to the home page and you will be asked by the site to fill the user name and password.

Like these, you will be ready to do every kind of government work from your home, without any tension and headache do everything at your home. Your home will be changed like a government office.

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What Kind of Eligibilities and Documents do You Need to Register SSO ID?

a) At first, you have to be a citizen of Rajasthan. If you are belonging to Rajasthan then you will eligible to do it.

b) If your age is less then 18 years then you will not eligible to do it. You must be at least 18 years old.

c) Your qualification needs at least 10th pass, if your qualification is less than 10th then you will not eligible to do it.

d) If we talk about the documents then you need Adhar Card, Shamshah Card, Facebook Account, Gmail Account.

These are the things you have to follow before registration on SSO ID. So follow these steps and apply for SSO ID to simplify your government works.

How to See the Status on eMitra Online Portal?

a) At first, you have to open the official site of e Mitra Portal then you will see Online Verification Section Track Transaction on the home page.

Now simply click on that option after the click you will see another page on your screen, in that page you have to full fill Transaction ID and Receipt Number. Then you have to click on the search button and finally, you will get your status.

So I hope you understand all the information about e Mitra Portal Rajasthan and also hope that this article was helpful for you. For informatic articles stay connected with our website.


a) There are two types of Mitra Online and offline. If you want to take the benefits online then you have registered online at the official website of Mitra Portal from your phone or PC but if you want to take benefits of e Mitra offline then you have to go to the portal center near you.

b) Remember that to take the benefits of e Mitra you must be a citizen of Rajasthan.

c) There are so many facilities of Mitra so if you are from Rajasthan then you should take the benefits of it.

d) If you are an educated person and staying at home without any work and also you are from Rajasthan then you have a golden chance to earn money by opening an e Mitra portal Center. The education qualification is just 10th pass.

e) To open a portal center you need some accessories, documents, and eligibilities that I have mentioned above.

f)If you don’t know how to log in in e Mitra Portal Rajasthan then as you know I already mentioned above all the information step by step, just follow those steps properly it will help log in very easily.

g) I also mentioned above how to see the status on eMitra Portal Online? Follow those steps to see the status.

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