Internet Banking Registration Application | Internet Banking Form Apply And Getting Mobile Number Registered 2021

Internet Banking Registration Application: Friends, as you all know that many of our account holders do not have their mobile number and Aadhar card registered on their account, due to which they face a lot of problems in money transactions because whenever they do any transaction.

So they do not receive its SMS on their mobile and in such a situation, if there is ever a fraud from the account, then they will not get information about it, due to which they can become the victim of the biggest fraud, so it is mandatory to register the mobile number from the account, let’s know. How is the mobile number registered?

So friends, to register your mobile number in the bank or to get an ATM card from the bank or to issue a checkbook, you have to apply there, then the process of how this application is written will be told to you below. has been.

Internet Banking Registration To take internet banking and register mobile number

Hello friends, as you all know that whenever you go to the bank to get your mobile number or Aadhar card internet banking on your account, you are asked for an application by the bank officials in which some of our friends do not know this. That’s how this application is written.

And what do we have to do for this, so here we are going to tell you about that application, how you have to write this application so that you can easily write this application and take internet banking from the bank. Or you can link your mobile number or Aadhar card with the bank.

Internet Banking Registration Application


Mr. Branch Manager

(your bank name)

Subject – Regarding taking mobile number registered and internet banking.


I humbly request that I (my name) am an account holder of your bank.

I have trouble with money transactions, that’s why I want to register my mobile number with my account and also want to take internet banking facility.

Therefore, you are requested to kindly register your mobile number on our account and provide an internet banking facility, I will always be grateful to you for this.

Yours faithfully.


Name (your name)

A/C No. – (Account Number )

Mo- (Mobile Number)

So, friends as you can see that to add your mobile number to your bank or to take internet banking, you have to write the application in this way and give it to the bank officer, after that the bank officer will update your mobile number on your account. And along with it will also provide your internet banking.

Internet Banking Registration Application
Internet Banking Registration Application

Dear friends, along with this, this application is being given to you in JPG format below, if you want, you can download it from here and use it.

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