PM Modi Financing Facility Launched Under Agricultural 2021

PM Modi financing facility 2021:-Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given relief to farmers by starting a Financing (PM Modi Financing Facility) of Rs 1 lakh crore under the Agricultural Infrastructure Fund on Sunday (9 August). Modi released the sixth installment of funds under the Prime Minister Kisan Nidhi Scheme.

PM Modi financing facility Scheme Launch

In the midst of the havoc of Corona, the government has given great relief to the farmers. PM participated in this program through video conferencing. PM Modi has also mentioned this scheme on his official Twitter account.

He told that this PM Modi Financing Facility will help in better chain-by-village, modern cold storage chains. With this, many employment opportunities will be created in the village. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while doing video conferencing on August 9 at 7.30 am said, I am very happy to transfer 17 thousand crores as PM Kisan Samman Nidhi to the account of 8 crore farmer families.

75 thousand crore amount has reached the farmers’ account in one and a half year

Modi said I am satisfied that the goal of this scheme was being achieved. Every farmer reached the family directly and reached a time of need. For this purpose, this scheme has been successful. In the last year and a half, through this scheme, 75 thousand crores rupees have been deposited directly in the bank account of the farmers.

pm modi financing facility
pm Modi financing facility

Of this, 22 thousand crore rupees have been passed on to the farmers during the lockdown due to corona. For information, let us know that the Prime Minister Kisan Nidhi scheme was launched in December 2018 by the Narendra Modi government.

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How Prime Minister Kisan Nidhi Scheme benefits farmers

Under the PM-Kisan scheme (PM Modi Financing Facility), the funds are directly transferred to the bank account of ‘Aadhaar’ certified beneficiaries so as to prevent leakage of funds and increase the facility for the farmers. Under this scheme, farmers will be given three percent interest subsidy and loan guarantee up to two crore rupees.

Beneficiaries of the scheme include farmers, PACS, marketing cooperatives, FPOs, SHGs, Joint Liability Groups (JLGs), multipurpose cooperatives, agri-entrepreneurs, start-ups, and public/private partnership projects sponsored by central / state agency and local bodies.

Read The Highlighted Points PM Modi Financing Facility

  • Today is Halshti, the birth anniversary of Lord Balarama. Wishing all the countrymen, especially the peasant companions, a very happy birthday! On this very auspicious occasion, a special fund of one lakh crore rupees has been launched to prepare agricultural facilities (PM Modi Financing Facility ) in the country.
  • This fund will help in creating better storage, modern cold storage chains in villages and many employment opportunities will be created in the village.
  • Along with this, I am also very satisfied while transferring 17 thousand crores as PM Kisan Samman Nidhi to the account of eight and a half crore farmer families. The satisfaction is that the goal of this scheme is being achieved.
  • In the last year and a half, through this scheme, 75 thousand crores rupees have been directly deposited in the bank account of the farmers. Of this, 22 thousand crore rupees have been passed on to the farmers during the lockdown due to corona.
  • Now solutions are being sought for all these questions related to farmers and farming under the self-reliant India campaign. The mission of one country, one market, for which the work was going on for the last 7 years, is now being completed.

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  • Through the first e-NAM, a large technology-based system was created. Now, by making law, the farmer was exempted from the purview of the mandi and the mandi tax. Now the farmer has many options.
  • If he wants to deal with his produce in his field, he can. Or directly from the warehouse, the farmers can deal with whoever pays the higher price to the merchants and institutions associated with e-NAM.
  • The use of this law led to more abuse. This has done more to intimidate the traders of the country, the investors. Now the trade related to agriculture has also been freed from this fear mechanism.
  • Today the Jokrishi Infrastructure Fund (PM Modi Financing Facility ) has been launched, this will enable farmers to create modern storage facilities in their villages.

  • The scheme (PM Modi Financing Facility)will help the farmers groups in the village, farmers committees, FPOs to build warehouses, cold storage to set up industries related to food processing, Rs 1 lakh crore.
  • This modern infrastructure will go a long way in setting up agro-based industries. Under the self-reliant India campaign, a big plan has been chalked out to make famous products in every district reach the market of the country and the world.

important Things

  • Now we are moving towards a situation where food-based products from the agricultural industries of the village will go to the city and other industrial goods from the cities will reach the village. This is the resolve for the self-reliant India campaign, for which we have to work. to pm Modi financing facility
  • A large share of our small farmers, which we are calling FPO, or Farmers Producer Association, is also going to be in this. Therefore, for the last 7 years, we have campaigned to build a large network of FPO-Farmer Producer Groups.
  • So far, about 350 agricultural startups are being supported. These are related to startups, food processing, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, manufacturing of smart farming equipment, and renewable energy.
  • All these schemes (PM Modi Financing Facility ) related to farmers, as many reforms are being done, we have a small farmer at their center. This is a small farmer who has been facing the most trouble.
  • 2 days ago, a very big scheme has been started involving small farmers of the country, which is going to be of great benefit to the entire country in the coming time. The country’s first Kisan Rail has started between Maharashtra and Bihar.
  • Now when small farmers are reaching the big cities of the country, they will move towards growing fresh vegetables, encouragement towards animal husbandry, and fisheries. This will open the way for more income from less land, many new opportunities for employment, and self-employment will open.
  • All these steps are being taken, these will also change the picture of the rural economy of the country in the 21st century, income from agriculture will also increase manifold. All the recent decisions are going to create extensive employment in the near future of the village.
  • These are our farmers, who did not let the country suffer from the problem of food and drink during the lockdown. When the country was in lockdown, our farmer was harvesting crops in the fields and setting new sowing records.
  • The government also ensured that the farmer had a record purchase of produce. As a result, about 27 thousand crores more than the last time has reached the pockets of farmers.
  • This is the reason that even in this difficult time, our rural economy is strong, there is less trouble in the village. May this power of our village play a leading role in speeding up the pace of development of the country, with this belief, many congratulations to all your former colleagues.

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