Pushpa Movie Review (2022) – Rating: Allu Arjun, Story , Box Office Collection & More

Pushpa Movie Review (2022):-Ever since the trailer of ‘Pushpa – The Rise’ came out, we had a feeling that the buzz of this film is not of pan-India film level. In other parts of the country, the promotion of the film was going on in full swing. But that excitement about the film was not being seen in the Hindi belt. ‘Pushpa’ was released on 17 December. After watching this film, it seems that the makers were sure about their product. Although it can also be called a sort of over-confidence. Because ‘Pushpa’ is a full-on masala film, whose word of mouth will get better with each passing day. This thing will help this film a lot.

Pushpa Movie Review (2022)

This is the story of a boy named Pushpa Raj. One who starts his career as a laborer. But his form is such that he does not bow down in front of anyone. You can call it his Attitude / Arrogance, whatever you want. He doesn’t like taking orders from anyone. But there is frustration behind his behavior. In this turn, he leaves his job and becomes a part of the illegal business of red sandalwood in Seshachalam. Due to his strut and way of working, he soon reaches heights in this field. In a way, he becomes the kingpin of red sandalwood smuggling at the local level. Then he encounters a police officer named Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat, who is as stubborn and stubborn as Pushpa. The clash between these two gives spice for the climax of this film and ‘Pushpa Part 2’.

Pushpa Movie Review (2022)
Pushpa Movie Review (2022)

‘Pushpa – The Rise’ is the story of rags to riches or rather an underdog. A man who was rejected by society. He raises the umpire on his own. As Param Pujya Yo Yo Honey Singh says – ‘I have seen all this a lot. In the case of the basic plot of the film, our thinking is also very similar to them. The whole game is of that filmmaking technique, which has been called treatment in the scriptures. The way this film has been treated is what makes it special. Sukumar, who had made a film like ‘Rangasthalam’ in the past, is also the director of ‘Pushpa’. Sukumar knows the pulse of the people. He also presents the film related to the smuggling of sandalwood in such an entertaining way that it is fun to watch. It same clichéd story. Same heroism. Same fan service. But the end result of all this turns out to be a quality masala film.

Where a term like ‘masala film’ is used, the public’s expectations from the film are over. This has happened because we have been shown very poor quality cinema in the name of masala film in the recent past. When there is a comparison of regional and Hindi cinema, then all the different stop on the quality of masala film. The rest of the content-driven cinema is becoming amazing in Hindi too. Its audience is just less. While a lot of entertainment films are being made in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada languages. The public is liking. That’s why more films like that are being made.

Pushpa Box Office Collection 2022 : Allu Arjun film is unstoppable, crosses Rs 100 crore mark

Take ‘KGF’, ‘Bahubali’ or ‘Ala Vaikunthapuramulo’ only. We named these three films because a large section of the Hindi-speaking audience is also aware of them. In these movies, you get to see everything that you have seen many times before. But those stories are tweaked a bit. The production value is improved. Right from the appealing visuals to the sassy background score, everything is put in just the right amount. Technology is used extensively. A cool film is made by putting songs and songs. The audience gets teary-eyed seeing it. Actors become stars. The director’s career would have been set. The producer turns red after earning money. Using the same money, he makes more such films. The basic condition of such films is that they should be entertainment. And no problematic message should be sent to the public through them. ‘Pushpa‘ gets all these things done easily.

However, in ‘Pushpa’, Allu Arjun has played the title character of a boy named Pushpa Raj. The biggest problem of this character is his attitude. But this attitude is also his biggest weapon. Our cinema editor Gajendra Singh Bhati has one thing to say. Raj Kumar Gupta of ‘No One Killed Jessica’ fame told him this. They say, there is some kind of madness in every man. That is what sets him apart from the rest. That is his superpower and also the Achilles heel. The Achilles Hill is the greatest weakness of a strong thing, which causes its downfall. In this film, we only get to see the rise of ‘Pushpa’. So here that attitude goes. But there are chances that in the next part this will also become the reason for his falling down.

Pushpa Movie Review (2022)
Pushpa Movie Review (2022)

‘Pushpa’ is a proper mainstream film, in which the hero talks as if he is really talking to someone. But there is swag in it. There is a burden of stardom in every dialogue. Because of which every line of his becomes a punchline by the time it reaches the public. There are well-choreographed action sequences in the film, which look great. The background score leaves room for it. But music director Devi Sri Prasad pays for this with his songs. But the most interesting part is the cinematography of the film. Filmmakers and cinematographers visualize the same film in two different ways. But when these two people start thinking alike, then the outline of the film changes. The same thing is seen in ‘Pushpa’. Sukumar’s work is complemented by Miroslaw Kuba Brozek’s camera work. You can watch the popular song of the film ‘Sami Sami’ by clicking on the link given below-

Despite all the goodies, ‘Pushpa’ is not such a film, which does not have any shortcomings. The most striking thing about the film is the love story of Rashmika Mandanna and Allu Arjun. This is the most unnecessary and problematic part of the film. We cannot share his details with you. But this troublesome thing also justifies the film in the end. Which makes absolutely no sense. Fahad Fazil has played the role of a police officer named Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat. He comes in the part at the very end of the film.

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When two big stars come opposite each other on the screen, then there is a different level of adrenaline rush. To capitalize on this, some confessional scenes have been inserted at the end of the film between Allu Arjun and Fahad Fazil. But these scenes are not able to create the effect for which they were given a place in the film. It would have been better if Fahad would have been introduced in the second part of the film. This would have done two things, the length of this three-hour-long film would have been reduced by at least 15-20 minutes and the film would have got a satisfying ending.

The overall experience of watching ‘Pushpa’ is that if you haven’t seen any mainstream masala film for a long time, then it can be seen. For that, you have to do some things. No need to look for logic in film-plot or narratives. Enjoy what you saw on the screen. When leaving the theatre, take the experience of watching the film and not the film with you and go home.


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