Up Ration Card List 2020 [APL,BPL,AAY] Download, Apply Online 2020 & 2021

Up Ration Card:-Up ration card list online APL BPL district wise list up ration card list Up APL BPL ration card list in English Uttar Pradesh new ration card 2020.

Up ration card list 2020

Up ration card list 2020 has been release people of the state who have applied online for ration card in the year 2020 can search their name in the up ration card list has been released by the food of logistic department of utter Pradesh.

the beneficiary who will be selected in the ration card list by the state government of Uttar Pradesh is available at subsidies rates to the beneficiaries to like food items like wheat, rice sugar, etc. The state government has classified the people in the APL, BPL, list according to the annual income of the family.

Up ration card list ration card district wise list

by providing up ration card to the economically weaker section of the Uttar Pradesh below the poverty line in an easy where is silent by the government to every city and village-like wheat rice sugar concessional it is at all concessional rates and provide food to poor families. under up Ration card 2020, the online application can be made by the same residents of the state whose age is more than 18 years.

Up ration card list 2020

  • Name of scheme:-up ration card
  • Launched by:- Government of Uttar Pradesh
  • The department:– food and safety department
  • Ration card list:- available now
  • Beneficiary:-providing subsidies food to all poor in the state.
  • Target class:- state government scheme
  • Government website:- up ration card.

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Up ration card APL, BPL list (APL, BPL, list)

all the families in the state have been classified in APL, BPL list according to the economic status and income of these categories, APL, BPL ration card are made.according to the new ration card list released by the Uttar Pradesh food and logistic departments, the beneficiaries can download up ration card list according to district wise block and panchayat.

up ration card list 2020
up ration card list 2020

the beneficiaries whose name will be available on the list will be able to get all the food items listed by the government on a monthly basis from their respective food distributor.

Uttar Pradesh ration card district wise list-Up APL /BPL district wise list

those people of Uttar Pradesh who have applied for APL, BPL ration card in the year 2020 will get the APL, BPL list on the website of UP food and supply department from the official website. everyone you can check your name in UP ration card list 2020.

Those people of the state whose names are not at in ration card list district wise, block-wise, Panchayat wise list, of people who fall below the poverty line, can apply for the BPL ration card, and those who come above the poverty line APL you can apply online for ration card.

Ration card UP

the UP government has announced COVID relief to counter it as a free ration for the poor people of the state. state connected for MANREGA ration card and all the latest updates poor people is unable to live dear leave due to lockdown if the .interested beneficiary of the state want to available the facilities of free ration provided by the government and get your ration card made.

Uttar Pradesh ration card 2020

Ration card is very important for the state is poor. if you live in any state of India on leave any district and you must have a ration card. Digital ration card is used in our government and non-government works. Through ration card we can easily avail various social welfare schemes of the ration card, suit applies online to get the ration card at the earliest, and avail all the facilities provided by the government through the ration card.

Uttar Pradesh ration card 2020
Uttar Pradesh ration card 2020

About up ration card 2020

The up ration card has been made through three categories by the state government. First APL ration card second BPL ration card, AAY ration card. we have given the complete information of these three ration cards below you should read it till the end in detail and take advantage of the ration card.

  • The BPL ration card has been issued families of the state who are living below the poverty line. the annual income of BPL families should not be more than 10000. through this ration card, people of the state can buy ration shops up to 25 kg of grain and affordable rates.
  • APL ration card has been issued for those families of the state who are living above the poverty line.APL ration is provided to those families of the state by the state government, through these APL ration card people of the state can get green up to 15 kg per month add subsidies rate from the ration shop every month.
  • The AAY ration card has been issued for the families who are very poor and have no income.ration card issued on the basics of the income of the people through the ration card family can buy 35 kg green and at a cheaper rate from the ration shop every month.

Benefits of ration card

  • People of the prostate can apply for getting a driving license through the ration card.
  • Ration cards can also be used as your identity.
  • Through these, the poor people of the state can get food items sent by the government like wheat, rice, sugar, etc at concessional rates.
  • Uttar Pradesh ration cards can also be used at the time of school admission.
  • these three ration cards are made according to the economic status and income of the people.
  • people who have applied for UP ration card can’t see the status of the year card in the new ration card list right from their home.
  • BPL cardholders are given exemption in a government job and family children also get scholarships in schools.

Price of a food item on the ration card scheme

  • Wheat- Rs 2 per kg.
  • Rice-Rs 3 per kg.
  • Sugar-Rs.13.50 Per kg.

Up ration card data 2020

How to make ration card in UP /Uttar Pradesh

If we talk about making up ration cards apply 2020, then this facility has not started yet. If you are from Uttar Pradesh and want to get up ration card correction then you have a resort of offline to do this.offline is the only means by which you can get a new ration card of makeup ration card correction.

  • Process of making new ration card cal action process offline process for new ration card in UP ration card correction.
  • Uttar Pradesh UP ration card offline build up new application (up ration card new application form) end correction of the form (up ration card correction form) Eid given which will have to be download and field and relevant papers which we have told you to have ever will also have to be attached to it.
  • After the phone and related documents are present, you can apply for it offline through your block or RTPS office.
  • Keep in mind that whenever you take a copy of the form and attached document, take it along with the original documents because on the RTPS counter you may also be asked to show the original document.
  • To get an offline ration card, you have to submit the relevant forms and documents at the counter.you are also provided with the ration card slip whenever you up ration card is applied for 2020 or if you applied for UP ration card correction through and RTPS counter our block.

Uttar Pradesh ration card list 2020. up ration card list online @fcs.up.gov in

Those who want to find their family name in APL and BPL list them they can check eligibility according to the method given below.

  • First, of food department official website should go on.
up ration card list 2020
up ration card list 2020
  • NFSA option on the homepage of the official website and click on the beneficiary list of NFSA.
  • after clicking the district wise list of UP ration card 2020 will open on a new computer screen.
  • after opening the district-wise list according to the district of the region you will have to click on the option of your district. After playing on your lost district the detail of a new list will open in front of you.
  • then you have to click on the eligibility list of Uttar Pradesh ration card NFSA according to the urban and rural area.

    up ration card
    up ration card
  • Then after selecting the urban and rural list, the list of the names of the shopkeepers giving ration will appear, after which you have to select the shopkeepers giving your ration, after selecting the shopkeeper the least according to the name of the all candidate register at the shop. Will go
  • After this, you have to find your name in the up ration card list 2020. After getting your name, if you want to see the names of all the people in your family, then you have to click on the candidate’s name option and then you can see the names of all the people in your family.
  • In this way, online registered beneficiaries can find their names in the UP ration card list 2020.

How to find your name in the UP ration card NFSA eligibility list?

  • If you wish, you can directly find your name in the new ration card list by providing all your ration card details.
  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of the food department Uttar Pradesh. After visiting the official website, the home page will open in front of you.
  • On this home page, you will see the option to search in the NFSA eligibility list. you have to click on the option.
  • After clicking the option, the next page will open in front of you on this page you can check the list of eligibility by ration card number or ration card with other details, etc.
  • If you want to see the ration card number, click on it and after that, a form will appear in front of you.
  • you have to fill ration card number and captcha code etc, in this form and then you have to click on the search button.
  • If you want to ration card with each other details, then click on it, and then the form will open in the front of you.
  • In this form, you will have to fill the district area development block and types the name of the head, etc. After filling all the information, you have to click on the search button after this, the list of eligibility will open in the front of you.

I have applied for a ration card why is my name not in the list?

your name is updated in the ration card list by the department officer shortly after applying for the ration card. if you have applied to add names to the list of ration cards then you wait a bit because after a few days your name will be added to the list. even after a lot of waiting your name is not visible in the ration card list in such a situation you can go to the department complain of the NFSA helpline number.

Helpline number

the state government has also issued a helpline number for providing logon and facilities. People of Uttar Pradesh who want to get any information related to the ration card list on ration can get it by contacting the helpline number.

What is the public distribution system?

the public distribution system is a government-run scheme at the national level under which the citizen of India need essential things to eat such as rice sugar it is at least in some States for free.guna ration card dealers play an important role under the public distribution system. You can take the ration card dealer as an example of the public distribution system in every state.

Important Link

What is the national food security act?

The national food security act is one of the best run a scheme by the government of India that provides food grain at the subsidy rate of 2 3rd people of our country through the ration card shop under the PDS system.

New ration card required document?
  • The application form department forms part one.
  • Aadhar card photocopy
  • Bank account details
    (Paint account number, IFSC code, account holder name,) generally a copy of the first page.
  • Residential certificate.
  • Photo of all family members
  • Family as present near the base card member base card number.

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